White Chocolate Stuffed Blackberries

This is more an idea than a recipe today - but a tasty idea none the less.

As anyone who loves food will tell you, fruit and chocolate make a wonderful combination. But a presentation like this one - or lack of presentation - falls flat.

Take it one step further, take just a few minutes and take a bite of a beautiful combination.

I believe strawberries, raspberries and blackberries were designed specifically to hold wonderful sweets inside.

Strawberries hold cheesecake filling in a lovely way. (Click here if you don't believe me.) And the holes left from the stems of raspberries and blackberries are the perfect size for a single chocolate chip.

Pictured here are blackberries that I took to church fellowship recently, and each one has a creamy white vanilla chip tucked inside. Needless to say, I didn't bring any home.

Play around with the combinations you like best, as there are dozens of chips and berries to choose from. You may need to cut a small slit in some berries just because of the way they grew, but that's a fairly easy process.

So enjoy berries, enjoy a tiny bit of chocolate and enjoy the combination!


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