Does Creativity = Messy?

There's something to be said for neat, tidy, organized workspaces.

Others would argue that being so rigid kills all their creative vibes.

Want to guess what the right answer is?

It's not really a secret - it's whatever works best for you.

If you were to spend an entire day being as creative in your craft space as possible, what would it look like? Would it be straightening things up first, organizing projects and collecting all the supplies you need into one place?

Or is it using the disorganization as inspiration? You might stumble (literally, perhaps) over something you forgot you even had. This could lead to the most brilliant idea you've had all day!

Don't try to fit yourself into someone else's mold. Personally, I am much more creative when things are neat and tidy. Clutter makes me confused and anxious, so sorted, dusted shelves clear some room in my brain for new ideas.

You might be exactly the opposite, and that's just fine. Work with one pile at a time and have fun with it. You might create ten new pieces out of a tornado that would drive other people crazy. And that's wonderful.

Maybe you're trying to go from being a Messy Mable to something a little more workable. This is a great aspiration - if it's actually doable. Don't change everything about how you work just because you think you're supposed to be organized. You might miss out on some great ideas because you were too focused on the room around you.

Creativity and organization are both gifts from God, so use them exactly the way He has spoken to your heart to use them.

And have fun!


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