Sunday Sketch

Just like the crossing guard sash you wore in elementary school, today's design includes a slash of pattern that will  make your card stand out in a crowd.

A single background color will make the patterned paper pop, making it the real focal point of the layout.

Choose a long sentiment that will run alongside the diagonal border, something thin to break up some of the white space.

Tiny embellishments in the corners will help the eye travel across the entire card.
For my card, I didn't use a color at all, choosing instead to use the plain white card stock that I always use as my base for the background.

Then I matted the rose petal paper on a slightly lighter pink decorator paper. The right edge of the new border starts in the point of the upper left hand corner, which the left edge hits the bottom right hand corner. This makes it level and straight from corner to corner.

A vellum phrase and six white gems complete this dramatic design.

You can find this card, along with many other paper crafts and wood gifts, in our Etsy shop. You'll find lots of great ideas, and you may want to leave with a surprise or two for someone special.


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