Don't Let Your Mind Give Up Too Soon

I looked at today's workout plan and almost laughed. It was the day to increase both reps and sets, and the list in front of me looked much too daunting. Is weight loss and a healthy body worth fainting, throwing up or just keeling over dead?

Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it's what my mind was thinking at the time. Each exercise, let alone all of them - one right after another, seemed like climbing a mountain. It was just too much ... wasn't it?

Well, I decided not to do all of them, just the first one or two. Then I'd go get my protein shake and move on with my day. After more high-knees than I'd ever done at one time before, crunches didn't seem so bad. My core was on fire, but I could switch to biceps and triceps and let my lower half rest for a while.

Once my arms were screaming, squats were a welcome respite - if there is such a thing with squats. My heart rate was up and my breathing labored, but so far it wasn't nearly as bad as it looked on paper.

By the time I got to lunges, I was in the zone. (If you exercise regularly, you know exactly what I'm talking about.) I was ready to plank all morning and Russian twist until I dropped.

Which I eventually did, but not until I had completed every last one of those exercises.

What made the difference?

My mind gave up before I even got started. It saw the monumental task before me and said "Yeah, right. You'll never make it through all of that. Why even start?" O ye of little faith.

My body may have struggled in places, like the last few reps in a set, but it was ready to push on. It was overcoming the mindset that it would be impossible, which it definitely wasn't, that was the real challenge.

Once it was over, I not only felt incredible physically, but I was intensely proud of myself for not throwing in the towel before I even started. Imagine if I hadn't done any of it. I would have felt discouraged with myself, which is no way to start the day.

And now I'm encouraged to do whatever comes next. Different exercises, longer times, more sets - it won't seem as overwhelming because I've already proven to myself that I'm capable. It's hard to talk yourself out of something that you've already accomplished!

What is your mind telling you you're unable to do? Whatever it is, just for today, DO IT. Do that exercise, have that conversation, finish that task, try something new. Your mind will give up way before your body will, so don't let that stop you.

Not only will you feel better for having accomplished the un-accomplishable (if that's a word), you'll have a new set of expectations for yourself because you are able.

What a way to start the day!


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