Valentine's Day Heart Napkin Fold

Make your Valentine's Day table a little sweeter with a beautiful, yet incredibly easy, heart-shaped napkin fold.

Open your napkin out flat. If you're using cloth napkins, you'll want to have a hot iron close by to crease the folds in.

Fold the top edge down to meet the bottom.

And then again, creasing the edge tightly.

Using the center fold as your guideline, bring each end up on the diagonal make the top edges match. Be careful to crease these folds well.

Flip the entire napkin over with the point at the top. 

Fold and crease small corners oo the two square ends. This will create the "rounded" look when you flip it back over.

When you turn the heart over, you can work the layers a little and make all your edges match. Crease everything one more time so it will stay in place.


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