Watching What Happens When You Promote Other People

One of the greatest parts of having an Etsy shop is the community that comes along with it. Teams are open to shop owners interested in sharing tips of the trade, helping promote each other and taking an interest in what other people are selling.

My favorite team, Spiritual Elegance, is made up of Christians from all over the world. In addition to the promotion side of owning a business, they also have several boards to discuss Scripture, give prayer requests and offer praise for answered prayer in their lives.

Etsy also has a fun way to search for new and interesting items called Treasuries. Anyone can make collections of themed items, each one from a different shop. You then just let them know that you've loved and featured their item, then tell the world about all the neat pieces you just found.

I recently made a treasury made up of items exclusively made by the Christian shop owners in the Spiritual Elegance team. I called it "Words Of My Faith," and it was so uplifting to search through shops filled with Scripture and read about the testimonies behind these artisans. By the time I was done, I was so filled with creative inspiration that I worked in the craft room for hours.

What I didn't realize was how much these collections would affect other people. There is a space at the bottom of the list for comments and questions. Most of the shop owners featured will leave a lovely thank you note, which is always appreciated, but some go a little further. This is what one of those women featured wrote:

"Thanks so much for including me in this beautiful treasury. I needed to see God's word today so thanks to all the participants, also."

God's word will never return void, and putting it out in such a public forum touches hearts that I will never meet personally. I know from the times that I have been featured in such a way, it is so heart-warming to have someone appreciate and support what you do. Never seeing them face-to-face doesn't change the fact that Christ's love moves among His believers in great and powerful ways.

To see more of my treasuries, just click here.


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