Spring Lattice Card

As we sit through another cold, snowy winter, our thoughts turn to spring sunshine and beautiful gardens. Let's run with that idea and put together a beautiful lattice cover for a handmade card.

Start by cutting white card stock down to a square card - any size will do, so mine is 5.25 inches square. (Because I have a new package of 5.5 inch square envelopes. Then cut a slightly smaller square out of the front panel - mine is 4.25 inches square.

Cover the front of the card with decorator paper, then trim the edges and cut out the window.

Cut 10 strips of white card stock to make your lattice boards. Mine are 1/2 inch wide, so you'll want to cut in proportion to the size of your window - there are five for each direction.

Weave the strips together, alternating over and under, spacing them out and taping them together as you go. Double stick tape is best for this project, but feel free to experiment with whatever adhesive you have.

You don't need to adhere every single joint, but a few here and there will help keep its structure.

When all 10 strips are in place, trim off all the excess from the edges.

Go back around the edges of the backside of the panel with adhesive. Then attach your flowered background paper - patterned side to the front so it shows through - and trim the edges.

You can make an entire set of these lattice cards for a gift, changing out the flower patterns in the background. Then you can share your beautiful garden layout with someone special.


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