Have A Pun-ny Valentine's Day

Tired of giving a store-bought card and a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day? How about giving the gift of humor instead?

You could give any of the following gifts with these notes attached:

* a banana, "You're my favorite of the bunch."
* a package of apple slices, "You're the apple of my eye."
* a pear, "We make a great 'pear.'"
* teddy bear-shaped crackers, "I love you BEARY much."
* an orange, "'Orange' you glad we're in love?"
* a box of crayons, "You color my world with love."
* a package of candy, "You make life a little sweeter."
* a pizza, "You've stolen a 'pizza' my heart."
* a stick of margarine, "You're my butter half."
* a loaf of bread, "All you 'knead' is love."
* cup of coffee, "Words cannot 'espresso' how much I love you."
* a stuffed rabbit, "No bunny compares to you."
* a pencil, "I think you're just 'write.'"
* watermelon, "You're one in a 'mellon.'"
* strawberries, blackberries or blueberries, "I think you are 'berry' special."
* a package of light bulbs, "You light up my life."
* a baseball glove, "You're the perfect catch."
* socks, "We're a perfect pair."
* chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, "Every day I love you s'more."
* a jar of pickles, "You're kind of a big 'dill' to me."
* a box of donuts, "I wouldn't be 'hole' without you.
* a stuffed sheep, "I love 'ewe.'"
* a pair of sunglasses, "You are 'spec'tacular."
* a pack of gum, "Won't 'chew' be mine?"
* a box of paper clips, "You hold me together."
* a bottle of glue, "I'm stuck on you."
* a bottle of honey, "'Bee mine.'"
* reading glasses, "I only have eyes for you."
* a can of root beer, "You are the 'root' of all my happiness."
* a package of trail mix, "I'm nuts about you."
* a bicycle, "I 'wheelie' love you."
* a paper airplane, "You make my heart soar."
* a toy sailboat, "You float my boat."
* a pair of shoes, "I love you from the bottom of my 'sole.'"
* a box of breakfast cereal, "I 'cereal'sly hope you'll be my Valentine."
* birthday candles, "You blow me away."
* coffee beans, "I love you a 'latte.'"
* a cactus, "I'm sticking with you."
* friendship bracelets, "I would 'knot' be the same without you."
* a thimble, "I 'thimbly' can't do without you."
* a portable fan, "You're fantastic."
* a jigsaw puzzle, "I love you to pieces."


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