Walk On Art Street And My Magnetic Personality

Good friends gave us several containers full of wooden shapes while they were doing some cleaning out and organizing at their house. It was like Christmas as I went through them to discover what all we had been so generously given.

Some were specific parts for specific projects, but the ones that caught my eye were the recognizable shapes. There were trees and leaves and several sizes of hearts and stars. The arrows (I think they were originally little houses, but they're the perfect little arrows) have tons of possibilities.

For the Christmas trees, I painted them dark green and embellished them with tiny colored, self-stick gems.

I love how the maple leaves turned out. After a coat of dark orange paint, I drew in the veins with a thin permanent marker.

We have 12 weeks until Walk on Art Street, and I think these will make great magnets for then. I also have special plans for the stars and hearts, which include larger pieces of wood, lots of glitter glue and Bible verses. I'll keep you up to date on all these projects as I finish them. They're so much fun, and hopefully they'll be a little inspiration for you to do some crafting of your own.


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