Planning A Grocery List That Will Save You Time And Money

One of our local grocery stores recently rearranged its shelves. I understand their strategy because like items are now grouped together, but it's been a very confusing time for people.

I was actually able to help one woman who just wanted to know where the bread was. She said she felt like she was just wandering in circles, so I walked her two feet over from where she was looking. When she said she felt silly, I told her there was no reason.

It's a confusing time.

My grocery list is set up by aisle, saving tons of time, energy and money along the way. So when the store was turned upside down, I had to redo my list.

With a few spare minutes one afternoon while I was out running other errands, I stopped in to the grocery store. (Once they were done with their arranging.) Beginning with the right side - produce - and working my way to the left - the health market - I mapped out each aisle. This is the path I make when I shop, staying mostly to the outside edge of the store, so this is the order my list is in.

I'm sure the video cameras caught me walking up and down each aisle, writing furiously. I made note of things that we buy every week, keeping them in order. This is what saves me so much time in the long run. I hate backtracking because I forgot something, so having it written down aisle by aisle prevents that.

Once I got home, I typed this new, scrawled list into the computer. My check-off boxes are a visual guide for me, and there's plenty of space to add in special items that we don't always buy. When I'm planning our meals for the week, I have this list out and fill in the blanks as I go.

So how will this save you energy and money? Because you're focused.

1. You're not picking up impulse items because they're not marked on the list.

2. You're not walking up and down every aisle, sometimes multiple times.

3. You've got everything mapped out, so you're not wasting time looking around.

4. You're planning ahead, so you won't have to make an extra trip to the store later because you forgot something.

A few minutes now will save you in hours, dollars and much-needed energy in the weeks to come.


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