Sunday Sketch

Here's your opportunity to match up some of those amazing patterned papers I know you have. They're the ones that you love, but you've never been quite sure how to use them to their fullest.

They're also the ones you're saving for a "special occasion." I know because I do that all the time.

For this card, you'll mat your favorite patterned paper on a solid colored background. Then find two more patterns that coordinate.

One will be the circle and the other will be the strip running across the width of the card.

A phrase and some embellishments round out this colorful card.

For my card, I chose a bright orange background and matted one of my favorite busy patterns on top. Both are ink-distressed.

Then I added a circle and banner in coordinating papers and ink-distressed them as well.

The card stock sticker phrase is accented with three buttons, each threaded with white fibers. Since coming across a large collection of buttons a few weeks ago, I've been using them on practically everything.

A great Scripture is tucked inside to finish off this project.

This card, along with many other paper crafts and wood gifts, can be found in our Etsy shop. Come in today for some great ideas or to find the perfect gift.


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