Store Your Outdoor Tools In A Handy Place

 If you walk between our big garage and little garage, you'll think the mailman has a long way to go to deliver our letters. When we first moved here, the mailbox (which is down by the highway) was on its last legs ... literally. We replaced it and this one got lost in a pile of leaves and rocks for three years.

I came across it quite by accident when I was cleaning out the rock bed this spring. It's perfectly good, just a little rusty and its legs were bent and broken. So instantly I knew what I wanted to repurpose it for. 

It now holds all of my garden tools. Inside you'll find bug spray, my work gloves, some plastic bags for trash and my hand tools. Now the things I need for berry picking, gardening and other yard work is all in one place.

The first step was to clean it up, and I used a bleach cleaner since most pests don't like the strong smell. After I removed the snake skin from the back (seriously) and got it wiped out, it was ready to go.

One of the hardest parts of getting out to do any work has been the mental block of having to go several places and gather up all the supplies I would need. Now they're all in one place and right in the middle of our outdoor space. Talk about motivation to get some work done!


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