Chalk + Stencil = Beautiful!

 While digging through a drawer in the craft room, I came across a large container of chalks. I never found the other things I was looking for, but the colors showing through the lid sure got me thinking. I had to sit down and play for a while to get some of my chalky ideas on paper.

Most paper crafters have chalk in their collections but hardly ever use them. If you pair them with stencils, you can have a variety of patterns and shapes at your disposal.

A variety of colors can help you create your own background, coordinating specifically with the paper and embellishments you have on hand. Here is created a primary colored background paper for a birthday card. To make the chalk smudge-proof, just spray it lightly with hair spray.

You can use the same technique with a smaller stencil for a border. Here is chose the smallest circle I could find.

And it became the fall border I wanted for this encouragement card. I stamped the leaves in black so the color from the chalks would show through.

For something completely different, use your template to cut out a shape, then chalk around the edges.

When you move the shape away, you'll have a clean negative space to stamp or write in.

The fall card shown here, along with many other paper crafts and wood gifts, can be found in our Etsy shop. Come visit today - you'll find lots of great ideas and maybe even a gift or two.


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