You Are Loved So Much

Every woman has moments in her life when she feels about two inches tall.

Maybe it's feeling unappreciated, put down or neglected. People can poke at us, prod us and drive us insane with their words and actions - or lack thereof. There are some who do it unwittingly while other are purposely trying to crush our spirit.

Some days it's dealing with angry people at work. Other days it's friends and family who mean well but step on more than just your toes. Or complete strangers say and do the things in their hearts, not realizing who and what they're breaking.

These hostilities make us wonder if there's anyone out there who loves us. Sure, people say the words, but we often wonder if it's really true.

Are we all alone? Is there anyone left who loves us completely?
Without question?
For all eternity?
to the ends of the earth?

Take a few minutes to read and you'll soon discover the truth, the truth that will set you free:

You are SO loved ... John 3:16
You are cared about ... 1 Peter 5:7
You are GREATLY loved ... Ephesians 2:4-5
You are worth the sacrifice ... Romans 5:8
You are loved by the One Who IS love ... 1 John 4:8
You are crowned with love ... Psalm 103:4-5
You are ALWAYS loved in return ... Proverbs 8:17
You are loved beyond height and depth ... Romans 8:39
You are loved, rooted and grounded ... Ephesians 3:16-19

No one on the face of this earth will ever love you the way God does. When you feel abandoned, betrayed, alone and worthless, read these verses again.

You are loved beyond measure by the One Who created you - and He loves you just the way He made you.


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