Sunday Sketch

A card doesn't have to be intricate and time-consuming to be special and beautiful. A simple layout and gorgeous colors make all the difference - not slaving over a craft table for hours on end.

This sketch is basically three layers for the background - two solids and a pattern - and then three coordinating blocks behind the focal point.

For each piece, you want to make sure there is lots of layering to add depth and color all over this card. Without that technique, you've got boring paper on paper, which seems a little silly.

For my card, I used a coordinating set of blue papers. Starting with the back aqua layer, I matted my way up to the light blue patterned background.

I'm not big on measuring, mostly because I don't like numbers, so I eyeballed the three panels in the middle of the card. If you're more of a perfectionist, you can always measure the space, divide by three and subtract the margins. Yeah, I'm happy making my best guess.

The verse I chose is one of my favorite verse from the book of Psalms. Prayer is such an important part of our spiritual lives, and sharing that message with someone on a card makes it extra special.

If you don't want to use a verse, consider stamping a phrase or choosing a coordinating image that will work as a focal point.

I have these papers in many different colors: blue, green, brown, purple, red. I think a set of cards, one in each color, would be fantastic!

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