An Afternoon Walk In The Woods

There's nothing better to do during a heat wave than go for a walk in the woods.

And by heat wave, I mean it was 45 degrees - an actual heat wave in southern Iowa right now.

It's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in January.

A walk in the woods means we let the girls off their leashes and meander behind them as they traipse through the 33 acres of woods surrounding the house. Along the way, we test the ice on the pond, look for tracks and see what else might be left behind by animals walking through the snow.

It is absolutely gorgeous in the woods right now. The sunshine hasn't melted everything up there yet, so there are plenty of smells for the girls and plenty of sights for Danny and me.

We've got some ideas for springtime, things we'd like to add and change and take out of those trails. It's so much fun to talk and dream and think and walk and enjoy the girls.

And you can tell our ages, too. Bailey turned 12 right after Christmas, and she's starting to act her age. She ran for a bit, then she came to a complete stop and then proceeded to make her way back up tot he front door. My Sadie dog on the other hand, she sticks like glue no matter where we go. Pain or not, she's right by our sides the whole time.

After just about an hour of walking the trails uphill and downhill, we all slept really well.


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