Sunday Sketch

 I absolutely adore this sketch. It's so versatile and easy to be creative with. It's very, very simple, which makes it full of possibilities.

The lefthand side is a border - a border of whatever you'd like. It could be lots of different sizes of the same image, many colors or shapes, or maybe just a layered paper border of a pattern.

Like I said - it's full of possibilities.

The phrase or focal point is in the bottom corner, accented with one more of those embellishments. This leaves the upper righthand corner empty, drawing the eye down the side and across the bottom.
In my card, I used coordinating shades of blue, including the images along the side. This was the fun part - finding everything in pretty shades to go together. I also ink-distressed all of the edges so they would stand out from each other.

The second background layer also has two rounded corners for a little added interested. Now that I look at it, I would probably make this top layer a lightly patterned paper for even more contrast.

Hopefully seeing this sketch and example, you've already got an idea in your mind of something similar you can make. It's a great opportunity to make something special and memorable with a card full of possibilities.

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