Taking On A Wood Burning Project

I've been up to my ears in special orders for Etsy over the past few weeks, and it's been phenomenal! I love getting to be creative and make some special cards for some very special people.

But after a while, I can't focus on paper anymore. I'm a self-described paper addict, but I have my limits some days.

So I wandered out of my comfort zone and into Danny's. I asked him to cut me some wood rounds, the coasters you get from slicing a large branch, and teach me how to use his wood burning pen.

Now, I've seen him use it many, many times. And he's made a lot of amazing wood gifts for people by wood burning. I, however, have never tried this before.

He readily agreed and walked me through how to use it safely and effectively. I didn't realize how intricate it can be to use or how easily you can ... ummm ... change your project mid-stream.

But it's so much fun. I've been practicing on some easy patterns, like snowflakes and writing, but there are so many ways to use a wood burner.

Stay tuned for some finished projects!

And now, back to my craft room.


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