The Carrell Dessert Competition

A few days ago, I challenged Danny to a dessert competition. We each had a spice cake basket shell that I made with my new cake pan.

The  challenge was to create the best dessert using that shell and anything we had in the house - no going out and getting more. Hmmm...

For mine, I put in two scoops of vanilla ice cream and added mini chips and a chocolate syrup drizzle. I was so pleased - it looked pretty and smelled so good. I'm a sucker for a great spice cake.

And then my husband showed me what he made.

First, he put a spoonful of frosting into the bottom of the shell and heated it up. That way, when he put the ice cream in, the frosting would be all melted and flow over the edges. On top of that, he added candy raspberries, mini peanut butter cups, mini chocolate chips and chocolate syrup.

I know when I've lost. And yes, I stole a couple of his ideas the next night!


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