Sunday Sketch

 It's so much to do things outside of your comfort zone - especially when you're doing paper crafts!

Numbers and measurements scare me. I like words and I like eye-balling things. That's what makes something look wonderful and homemade.

But a sketch like this doesn't have to be intimidating. And you don't HAVE to measure, although it helps sometimes. The quilt blocks make this an incredibly pretty card, and you can use a variety of coordinating patterns and colors to tie it all together.

Start with one block in one corner and use that one piece to measure out your other ones. That way you don't have to start adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing ... shudder.

To make my card, I actually started with the bird on the "Polaroid" in the middle. Then I was able to make the blocks behind it in the right proportions. And that made the bottom two blocks easy because I just had to use the leftover space and mat my phrase inside it. Sometimes working backwards has its place.

And I love the fabric ribbon around the base of the image. It just "ties" it all together. See what I did there?

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