Sunday Sketch

One of the characteristics of a great sketch is its flexibility. A good sketch will work for a card or two, but a great sketch can be used time and again in different themes and colors.

This is the perfect example of such a sketch. Imagine, if you will, a basic background that can change color for your event or holiday. The main block is an image that gives a clear picture of the theme. Behind that is a strip that gives more punch and six small images that can rotate through all of the typical thematic elements.

For my card, I prepared for the season of love in true Valentine's style - there's no mistaking this theme. The background is double matted in dark pink and a light pink pattern. Subtlety is important when layering patterns of similar colors.

The banner in the middle is simply a card stock phrase mounted on a long strip of white. The ends each have a triangle snipped out, creating the banner look.

Each pattern is very specifically Valentine's Day - the hearts, ribbons and more hearts. Coordinating colors make sure it's not too overwhelming.

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