What To Do With A Rotissere Chicken

Every Friday at our grocery store is "Rotissere Chicken Day." They offer a discount all day when you buy a fresh, hot rotissere chicken. This is an awesome deal and there are so many ways to use the meat!

* Debone the chicken and use the shredded meat on tortillas. Add lettuce, ranch dressing, diced tomatoes and any other leftovers you might have.

* Use the carcass for chicken stock. Simmer the bones on the stovetop for a couple of hours, then strain your broth.

* Add the leftover meat to stir fry veggies and some soy sauce or sweet and sour sauce.

* Make a fantastic chicken salad sandwich!

* Layer with pizza sauce and cheese on english muffins. Broil until just browned.

* Shred, then use on top of lettuce salad with all the fixings.

* Substitute for ground beef in any pasta recipe.

* Pile onto those great sandwich thins for a filling lunch.

* Stuff a bunch into a pita bread along with all those great trimmings in the fridge.

If you've got some favorites of your own, please let me know! It's almost Friday again.


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