Signs of Spiritual Maturity

Have you ever met a woman that just radiated the Lord? She just had something special and luminescent about her - something you wanted for yourself!

What you were seeing was that special woman's spiritual maturity in action. And we see in others most what we'd like to see in ourselves. As we examine those women that affect our lives and touch our hearts, we see that their reliance on God, their willingness to leave it all at the foot of the cross and their desire for the things of God have changed them from the inside out.

A few signs of spiritual maturity in a Christian woman:

* Self control: Whether it's controlling her tongue, her dinner portions or her spending, a spiritually mature woman learns how to control the inner woman. Desires and temptation are terrible enemies, but with the Lord's version of portion control we can practice moderation and self-denial.

* Humility: Pride is one of those childish reactions that has to be continually shed. It's not one easily conquered, either, and taking yourself out of the equation can be rough. But with growth comes a spirit willing to lay aside self and put Jesus Christ first.

* Selflessness: We all want to be that woman who takes meals to the shut-ins, writes a dozen cards every week, makes phone calls to those who are sick and visits the sick in the hospital. But somewhere along the way, our own wants and desires get put first and we end up staying in for the day. As we learn more about Christ and His desire to work through us, it becomes easier to lay aside selfishness and look after the needs of the world around us.

* Calmness: Have you ever caught yourself flying off the handle over something little? Or panicking when something doesn't seem to be going right. As we mature spiritually we're more comfortable turning everything over to the Lord so we can stay calm in the store. He's more than willing to show us what He'd like for us to do in this situation, but He's also pleased when we do nothing at all.

* Desire for the things of God: Would you rather go to a movie or Bible study? Do you choose two Sunday worship services over a sporting event? Have you had to distance yourself from friends because they were pulling you away from the house of God? With spiritual maturity comes the desire to be near Him and His people.


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