Praise The Lord 3D Frame Art

Get your home ready for Spring with an easy, lovely home decor project. You can also use this 3D flower frame as a gift to share your faith.

You'll need:
a sturdy wooden frame of any size
spring silk flowers
your favorite phrase or Scripture
hot glue gun

1. Disassemble the frame, safely disposing of the glass. Cover the back part, the side opposite the stand or hanger, with decorator paper. Put it back in the frame (now without the glass) and fold down the metal tabs to secure.

2. Stamp your phrase or use a cut out, die cut or picture. Adhere it to the bottom corner of the picture. Be creative with your matting and color coordination.

3. With your hot glue gun, attach the leaves and flowers directly to the background paper. Allow the glue to cool and then fluff them so they'll stand out in great 3D. Once you set it upright or hang the frame, you may find spots you'll need to add more adhesive.

You can modify this frame to fit any theme - use them as table decorations for a wedding or baby shower. They make great birthday and Christmas gifts in coordinating colors. Use your imagination and make it something special and personal.


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