Creating A Close-Knit Pack

Our girls are pack animals to the core.

They long to be underfoot all day long. They want to be where the family is, often moving from room to room just to be close.

Bailey counts noses throughout the day, making sure that each member of her pack is right where they're supposed to be.

Sadie senses unbalance in her pack and cuddles with whomever she feels needs her love the most at that moment. She can tell who is sick and needs some special attention. She also knows who is sad and probably just needs to scratch her behind the ears, making them feel better at the same time.

Our pack is closely knit by time and love. The girls know our routine and can practically tell time based on when Danny leaves and comes home each day. These patterns give us stability and respect for the pack leader.

And the evening means cuddles and play time on the floor. This is our bonding time, the opportunity to talk, rub puppy bellies and reflect on the day.

This is a pack, regardless of size. There is love, patience, interaction, exercise and fellowship all wrapped up in the members of the pack. And we wouldn't have it any other way.


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