It Loses Something In Translation

We all know the subtle sounds and movements our pets make and what they mean. It doesn't take long living with any animal to grasp their language and communicate without words. Here are just a few that happen around our house and how they translate.

"pitiful eyes and a wagging tail, while in the kitchen" - You are going to share that, right?

"pitiful eyes and a wagging tail, everywhere else in the house" - You are going to scratch behind my ears now, right?

"dancing frantically in front of you while you're watching television" - Unless you want to spend your time cleaning the carpet, let's go outside.
"hmphh" - Fetch it yourself.

"soft, low growls in the middle of the night" - Since that stupid dog next door can't stop barking, I'm going to keep us all awake together.

"patiently waiting in the middle of your path with squeaky toy" - Did you notice my pretty squeaky? Wouldn't you like to play?

"panting while coming back through the doggie door" - I've just found something disgusting and smelly in the back yard...come see!

"a constant sniffing and licking of your face" - Did you seriously just eat a peanut butter sandwich without sharing? Fine. I'll help you clean up.

"following you from room to room" - Please remember that I am a pack animal and I must be with you as much as possible. That's how I show my love.


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