A Spring Wreath

This beautiful wreath is an easy and affordable Spring home decor project - regardless of the temperatures in your neck of the woods! It makes the perfect gift or a great way to start your Spring improvements.

You'll need:
* a round wreath form
* one skein of furry Spring green yarn
* a short length of ribbon
* fabric flowers
* straight pins with colored ends
* four flat-headed straight pins

1. Find a work space that is easy to clean up - you'll be shedding some furry grass and Styrofoam as you work. Start by securing both ends of the ribbon to the wreath with straight pins. This will be you hanger. Keep the ribbon flat so the yarn you wrap over it will be smooth.

2. Begin winding the yarn around the wrath, tucking the loose end in to secure. Pinch the ribbon hanger together and wrap the yarn tightly on either side. This will add extra hold on your hanger and keep the yarn in line.

3. Continue wrapping, lining each row of yarn right next to the one before it. This may be a little tedious with all of the baby grass going in every direction, but it will be worth it in the end.

4. When you reach the end, tie off your loose end around the hanger, on the back so it will be hidden. Now floof your grass and get some of those ends unstuck. (Now you'll see why you wanted an easily-cleanable work surface.

5. And now that you have a bed of new green grass, it's time to add your Spring flowers. I used some old flower trim that I had been given by a friend years ago, cut into individual pieces. You can try this, or you can use any other type of flowers you might have on hand. Attach them with coordinating straight pins, securing them into the foam.

I hung our wreath on the front door so everyone can enjoy it. You might center it in a collection of the kids' Easter pictures or hang it above the fireplace. So many ideas, so little time.


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