Forget Linear Thinking - Let's Go Circular!

Why send a normal, square envelope when you can get creative and send a card in an original way? This 3D envelope is made up of several circles, overlapped to hold your card and a special message.

1. Start by making your card. I used a 3D, textured sticker for my focal point and matted it on two circles of paper. You can use a circle cutter like the one shown, or you can rummage through the kitchen cupboards for the perfect circle sizes.

2. Cut four circles of coordinating paper slightly larger than the card.

3. Fold each circle in half and crease, making four little tacos.

4. Overlap the circles so that the middles and edges are all even. Without too much movement, adhere the edges together.

5. Place the card in the middle of the envelope. If there's room, you can always add a note or other special message inside as well. Tie it up with ribbon for an adorable presentation. Never be boring again!


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