An International Feast

We try to rotate the menu at our Bible study a little each time. Last week we chose International - kind of open-ended and a fantastic variety!

We had Greek hummus and pita bread. There were tacos, tortilla chips and taquitos for Mexican. American was completely covered with ribs, ham delights and fried chicken.

There was even a little Italian pasta mixed in for good measure.

The dessert table was just as lovely - several kinds of cheesecake, cookies from Germany and France, and a fabulous apple pie. No one went away hungry in any language!

Some ideas for your own international dinner:

* Assign each family a country and have them research the food specific to that location.

* Mark anything that is especially spicy or intense. Some people just can't handle it and it won't be a pretty picture.

* Make sure there is a variety so people on special diets can still participate.

* Decorate with the flags of different countries or use internationally-themed serving dishes and plates.

* For the more adventurous, forget the pasta and tacos and try something special. Make egg rolls and sushi or pick a country that you've never had food from before.


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