What Makes Sadie Scratch?

Our poor Sadie-dog has been miserable for ages. We think we made a terrible mistake in changing her food and she had an allergic reaction to one of its ingredients. The result? She's been scratching like crazy...
continuously. Bless her heart!

The solution? A fabulous, wonderful, incredible product called Pets Best from the Animal Supply House. Designed to calm and soothe hot spots, itching and irritation, this is possibly the most useful pet product we've ever had to buy. And it worked overnight!

Pets Best is a spray, so you don't have to touch, rub or irritate any already sensitive areas. Sadie has several red places where she's licked and itched so much that she's tender to the touch. Not a problem with Pets Best because you just spray it on and let it sit.

We were afraid it would smell like medicine or have some weird odor since it's for dogs. The surprise was that, because it's an all-natural product, that it smelled wonderful! It's made of cloves, cedar, eucalyptus and wintergreen, so it was like having a lovely forest instead of a vet's office smell. Fantastic!

And it worked almost immediately. Apparently it is cool and soothing, taking away the burning and irritation. The red is turning to pink and Sadie isn't scratching nearly as much. You wouldn't believe the change in her from Thursday night to Friday morning! She hadn't been sleeping well because the itch was keeping her awake. (Honestly it was keeping us all awake. She probably thinks her new name is Sadie-Stop.) We sprayed several places Thursday evening and then we all went to bed. I slept almost completely through the night without hearing her scratch, and Danny said he heard her much less.

Friday morning was the true blessing. After weeks of being tired and miserable, we woke up to a happy, perky, loving dog. She even bounced...my dog hasn't bounced in ages! She's been too busy scratching to bounce. But now her ears are up, she's interested in the world around her and she's napping like a baby.

It truly blesses my heart that people are committed to making products like this for our pets. When their quality of living is high, we're all happy. God has blessed us with the desires of our heart, and our pet's health and happiness are definitely our desire.

So, the lessons learned today:
* Don't change food without understand your pet's digestive system.
* Don't allow any behavioral change like scratching to go on for very long.
* Don't hesitate to call the vet when conditions get worse.
* Don't hesitate to ask the pet store employees for their expert opinion on the products they sell.
* Don't wait until tomorrow to solve your pet's health problems.


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