A Simple Fall Centerpiece...Plus

The grocery store by our house is completely sold out of miniature pumpkins now. They're also short many of those beautiful ornamental gourds. It's autumn in the city (finally) and I'm in the decorating mood!

With just a few basic, traditional fall-themed pieces you can create home decor that is both simple and vibrant. For example, this lovely centerpiece contains:
* mini pumpkins
*ornamental gourds
* pine cones
* silk flowers
* ornamental picks cut into pieces

From there, choose a basket with some personality. This one was a gift from one of my dearest friends, so I wanted it front and center. If yours has holes or openings as part of the design like this one does, just line the bottom with a paper plate and a handful of rocks. This will make a solid surface for your other elements.

Then start with the largest items like the pumpkins and gourds. Fill in the empty spaces with flowers and the sprigs from the floral picks. Finish it off with a few leaves and you're all set!

I even had a few pieces left over to make a little decoration in the entryway. Coordinating decor throughout the house ties everything together and gives you a lovely fall theme.

Add in whatever your personal taste begs for. Tuck a taper candle into the middle of the centerpiece. Tie red, orange and yellow ribbons around existing decor. Line up wooden chairs, frames or baskets to make a grouping of things you love. Fall will only be here for a little while, so enjoy every moment of it.


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