Last-Minute Thanksgiving Presentation

Thanksgiving dinner is already in the works, family are on their way and you're checking your list for tomorrow over and over. Slow down, take a deep breath and have some fun making wonderful holiday decorations.

The house:
* Why sweat over a cluttered house? Throw stuff in a basket and tuck it away until the weekend.
* Tuck various bits from your fall decorating into a basket.
* Coordinate napkins, place mats, cups, plates...whatever makes you think of the holidays.But keep it simple!
* Ask the kids to make place cards for the table or design place mats on white sheets of paper. You'll keep the occupied and know they're part of the celebration.

The food:
* Pull out all those platters and dishes that you never use - this is a special occasion!
* Forget a traditional fruit salad and make a centerpiece! Poke holes in a pumpkin, then add skewers of various fruit chunks.
* If you need someone to pick up something at the store on their way to the house...ask! It's easier than running out yourself, and much less nerve-wracking at this point.

Special things:
* Have everyone at your meal tomorrow write what they're thankful for in a notebook. Keep it until next year and you'll have memories to talk about. Remember that you'll never meet this way again...

* Plan to take pictures of each family member present and then each family group. If there's time, have your computer nearby so you can make everyone copies.


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