My Schedule, God's Way

Have you ever been so over-scheduled and over-booked that you've just wanted to collapse? Perhaps you've just wanted to cancel the day for lack of interest? God never intended for us to extend ourselves past the point of caring. Our service to the Lord is to be joyful and uplifting, not a chore that needs to get checked off for the day.

As we head into the busiest season of the year, let's take just a moment to reexamine what we're writing down in our planners and put God's plan where it belongs - first!

* Time in fellowship with the Lord comes before all else. A humble heart first thing in the morning sets the stage for the rest of the day. Energize from the start and ask God what He would have you accomplish today.

* Don't try to be more or do more than God has planned for you. Women have the terrible habit of adding things to the schedule instead of simply enjoying the moment. Our service, our testimony and our sanity are all on the line when we over-extend ourselves.

* Love your family and the time you spend with them more than anything else on your to-do list. It's not about buying lots of presents or attending all the parties that you can. We will never gather like this again, things will change, so absorb every precious second with those you love.

* Be content with what God has given you. If we weren't always working for something bigger and better, we might not be constantly moving. Do what you do heartily as to the Lord, and the rest of your schedule will fall into place.

* Take time to see the beauty and worth of the season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are both hectic weeks - planning for family, shopping, cooking, cleaning. But the holidays are times of reflection, giving thanks and celebrating the arrival of the Savior of the world! If our noses are buried in the lists and the chores, we'll never see the value of God's precious blessings.

* Keep your eyes on the eternal. I often wonder how much of our to-do lists are of eternal value. Caring for family is. Keeping the home is. Scheduling time for loved ones is. But beyond that, if God hasn't laid it on your heart, it's not eternally important. Listen for that still small voice as you plan your day and pay attention to how the Lord is leading you.

* Remember that we're only passing through. You and I are pilgrims in a strange land, serving the Lord until our time comes. There is nothing too serious, too trivial or too important for the Lord to handle. Pray, pray and pray some more until His peace which passeth all understanding gives you comfort in this busy world.


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