Basic Car Care For Women

You don't have to know how to change a tire, the oil or the wiper blades to take good care of your vehicle. We are a one-car family and maintenance on that one car is my husband's domain. But even if we never fix a flat or tinker with the engine, there are many ways women have control over our vehicle's performance.

Pay attention to your tires. Poorly-inflated tires won't last as long and are more prone to flats. Learn what the proper inflation level for your particular tires are and how to use a tire gauge.

Name that smell. If you notice any unusual smell - burning, hot, rotten, gas or otherwise out-of-the-ordinary - your vehicle needs attention. Don't wait until the car has a problem, be proactive.

Wipe your wipers. Use a paper towel and window cleaner every couple of weeks. This will get rid of the road dust and grime, extending the life of your wiper blades.

Learn to check fluids. Windshield wiper fluid, oil, transmission, antifreeze, coolant - there are many fluids under the hood that are necessary for good vehicle performance. Check the owner's manual for their location or ask your husband for a quick tour.

Watch how you drive. Taking care of your car can be as easy as take care of how you drive it. Don't brake too quickly or start too quickly from a stop. Anticipate what actions are coming up so you can ease into them. Do everything gradually and you'll save wear and tear on brakes and other essential parts.

Pick up after yourself. If you maintain a certain level of cleanliness inside your vehicle, detailing it later will be much easier. Clean up messes and spills when they happen. Keep a crate or bag in the car to control clutter. Neutralize odors before they become unbearable.


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