Flip Up Picture Card

Did you ever see something beautiful but then had your own variation on the theme? That's what happened when I saw a card example in a magazine years ago. I loved the "little card on a big card" idea, but it wasn't exactly what I had in my mind.

This card is. It's created to hold a picture in the little card and the big card gives you room to present Scripture and write your message. The one I saw was attached to a single piece of card stock, not a whole other card. That's the function I needed.

The creation is simple. Make one big card and one little card. Adhere a picture inside the small card. The attach the small card to the center of the big card. I always put KJV Scripture inside my cards, so that goes inside the big card. It's like having a gift and a card all in one.

I think this a fabulous idea for sending your friends a special message or have the kids make one for their grandparents. It's that unique touch that will guarantee this card will be kept for years to come.

This card, along with many other cards and gifts, can be found for purchase in our etsy shop: www.stufffromtrees.etsy.com.


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