Corner Bookmarks

Everyone has books and magazines around the house. But almost no one I know can read an entire book in one sitting - that offers the opportunity for you to share your faith by making these lovely corner bookmarks.

What blesses my heart about these bookmarks is that they're very out-of-the-ordinary. Everything overlaps off the bookmark itself and features lovely Scripture!

Each bookmark is made from one corner of an ordinary envelope. Cut off the bottom two corners (the ones that are opposite the flap) at an angle large enough to fit easily over the edge of a book page. For an interesting angle, cut one edge longer than the other like the far left example pictured here.

From there, the sky's the limit! For these, I cut triangles to fit inside each corner, leaving a little bit of white showing around the edges. The more layers the better in my estimation, so there are both coordinating blocks and flower die cuts on each.

Then the best part: the Scripture! All of the corners overlap off the edges of the bookmark for a neat look.

Think about Christmas themes for gift-giving. Match the paper colors and themes with the Scripture. Make sets for your Sunday School class or Bible study. The possibilities are long as you have plenty of envelopes!

These bookmarks, along with many other Christian gifts and cards, can be found in our etsy shop, Come browse and see what you can find!


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