To Clutter Or Not To Clutter

You can probably tell by many of my posts here that I hate clutter. Messiness makes me anxious and scattered. It's difficult for me to accomplish anything during the day when I'm surrounded by disorganization. It's always been my personal philosophy to maintain whatever order I could.

I read a quote over the weekend that gave me a different insight on clutter. The woman wrote that a cluttered home showed that someone lived there. It was an accumulation of life that caused one to think that home doesn't have to be perfect, just warm and comfortable.

Order works for me. It may be different for you. I enjoy a home that is clean, neat and tidy. You may enjoy a home that is clean, rumpled and a little disorganized. I function best when the piles are gone and the world is in place. You may function best just knowing that what you need is in that pile over there.

When are you the most happy in your home?

Is it when your ducks are all in a row and quacking happily?
Or is it when the ducks don't mind waddling around a few piles?

Is it when the clothes are neatly folded and the dishes are put away?
Or is it when you're joyful that the clothes even made it to the laundry room and dishes were actually taken to the sink?

Is it when you can see the entire floor of a room?
Or is it when the family is gathered on the little bit of floor you can still see?

Is it when everything is in its place?
Or is it when everything is all over the place, but you still know exactly where it is?

There's no reason you can't have a joyful, functioning, thoroughly wonderful home that isn't perfectly perfect. My vision of a clutter-free zone blesses my heart. Your vision of a lived-in home may bless your heart. The conviction of the heart may be different, but if the home is lifted up to the Lord every morning, the blessings will be there.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15


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