It's National Chocolate Day!

Happy National Chocolate Day!

While eating chocolate around our house isn't anything out of the ordinary, this holiday gives a chance to celebrate one of our favorite treats. Here are some great ideas of how to spread the fun and festivities out - all day long!

1. Breakfast - Have some of your favorite chocolaty breakfast cereal or some chocolate chip pancakes.

2. Treat - Make a little gift bag of chocolates and hide it where you husband and children will find it.

3. Share - Take a variety bag of miniatures to work or school with you to pass around.

4. Lunch - Have a glass of chocolate milk with your sandwich!

5. Snack - Eat healthy with some chocolate covered raisins or pretzels. (Well, it sounds healthy.)

6. Special - Enjoy some chocolate covered cherries or strawberries.

7. Love - Use tiny chocolates to make the outline of a heart on your husband's dinner plate.

8. Dinner - Chocolate and cocoa make great sauces and rubs for many different meats.

9. Dessert - Dust off that old fondue pot and dip some of your favorite fruits and cakes.

10. Evening - What's better than chocolate ice cream or ice cream with chocolate syrup?

If you know of some other great ways to celebrate with chocolate, please let me know!

Instead of either deciding to abstain from chocolate all together or eat entirely too much, just remember to use some self-control. As fabulous as National Chocolate Day is, portion control and moderation can make it even better at the end of the day. Enjoy!


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