Time Flies

There are so many cliches about time, but one in particular seems to fit these days.

Time flies.

Do you remember when you were little and time seemed to stand still. You would stare at the clock waiting for the final school bell to ring. You would fidget in the car just waiting to get to your destination. And you would probably count the ceiling tiles during the Sunday morning church service. No matter where you were you were also wishing time would go faster so you could move on to something else.

But now that we're grown, time flies. There are more things to try and accomplish than ever before. Our responsibilities keep us busy and then we squeeze in some fun stuff on top of them. We live out of our cars and grab something to eat whenever we can. There's always one more thing that could get crammed into the day, and so we do.

Is that really all that's changed - our age? God is unchanging. Time is unchanging. The seasons are unchanging. And in all honesty our lives are unchanging. The only thing that has changed is our perception of time itself.

When I was young, there were books to explore, gardens to play in and new foods to try. That was how I imagined my time being spent every day. Now I have a full page of to-do list and only a few more hours before bedtime. It seems like the push is on to be more and to do more.

Look through the eyes of that child you used to be, back when time would stand still on occasion while you learned and absorbed. When was the last time you just sat on the porch in the evening looking at the sky? Were you too busy with someone that seemed more important at the time?

When was the last time you curled up with a good book and a cup of cider? Or a glass of lemonade and your praise journal? Have other responsibilities gotten in the way of living a peaceful life?

And most importantly, when was the last time you immersed yourself in God's Word? When I feel like I'm spinning so fast I may pass out, that's when I need the stability of the Lord. There is nothing that can't wait just a little while while we rediscover the wonder and power of the Scriptures.

Slow down.
Take a deep breath.
Say a prayer.
Listen for God's response.
Calm your soul with His peace.

And then start your day again. This time it will be at God's pace and time will fly just as slowly or quickly as He desires. Enjoy the journey.


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