The Joy and Blessing of a Craft Show

Saturday was the Fall Arts and Crafts Show at one of our local Christian schools. The entire day was an absolute joy from beginning to end, as you can see by the smile on my face! Danny and I had been working for weeks to put together what we thought was enough product to fill a table.

I hadn't been in a craft show since junior high, and I really don't remember much about that one. I had taken everything from my etsy shop, Danny had made several pieces in his wood shop and I took along my book.

It was such a pleasure to have sweet, wonderful women at the tables on either side of me. It made for sparkling conversation, a couple of sales and a comfortable day. There was such a wide variety of handmade items inside and outside, so there was much to wander around and look through.

The very first thing that sold from our table was a collection of birthday cards. All of my cards have KJV Scripture either on them or in them, and that was a huge draw for most people. It's also interesting how different people have such different tastes - I liked these cards, although they weren't my favorites by any means. This woman, however, just loved them! And that's why I make a sampling of styles...

The very next piece that sold was Danny's nativity. This was a huge disappointment for several people because they had seen me unpack it. Praise the Lord that we had decided to take special orders that day, because someone was going to buy it as a gift. Danny is going to make her one this week and we'll hand deliver it over the weekend. I may have to see if I can sweet-talk him into making one for me, too. Isn't it beautiful? It's not even 12-inches tall, but the detail is remarkable!

While sales were well above what I had expected, money wasn't the point this particular day. Traffic was steady throughout the day, and everyone was appreciative of the vendors being there. It was an absolute joy for me to be able to talk about my service to the Lord through these paper crafts. It was such a blessing to know that I had the ability to send God's Word through all these purchases, plus share a smile along the way. I heard talk that there might be another opportunity at Christmas time, so I'll be ready!


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