Think Outside The Traditional Card

The traditional is ordinary.
The usual is boring.
The everyday is a yawner.

Let's take the changing season to heart and try something a little different.

I made this card in the usual way with one slight modification. Instead of opening from the side or the bottom, this card opens in two panels, slightly off-center. It's a beautiful look and one that really draws attention to your focal point.

To start, measure your envelope. Cut a piece of card stock to the proper height and twice the width. Fold this new strip into thirds, making the meeting point a little to the right of center. Crease the edges well with a bone folder or another straight edge.

Cover each of the two panels with their own pieces of decorator paper. Layering is crucial to make an interesting, finished card.
Place the focal point accent overlapping the gap in the two flaps. Adhere the right side only so it will open up properly.

And I always put Scripture somewhere on my cards. This time I used the Ecclesiastes 3:1 verse: To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. It works perfectly with the autumn theme.
Try something out-of-the-ordinary with the next paper craft you make. You might surprise yourself!
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