Fall At The Dollar Store

Fall is my absolutely favorite time of the year. I love the colors, the smells and the changes God makes in nature. It's such a beautiful season and I could handle it 24/7, 365!

And this is the time to be cleaning, redecorating and changing your home into an autumn haven. I love replacing all the bright summer colors with the muted, deep shades of fall. You don't need sea shells anymore, so the leaves and wreaths come out. It's just an exciting time of year.

If you're a nester like I am, you want your home to be comfortable and cozy, but you also want to respect your budget and the money God has given your family. There are many, many ways to do both and one of the best is checking out the local dollar store. You can easily decorate, entertain and craft with the fall theme without breaking the bank just by comparing prices at these discount places. For example, here's what I found at out local dollar store this week.

- pumpkins and gourds
- garland
- leaves
- moss
- doilies
- pine cones
- candles and holders
- stones and marbles
- floral picks
- wall art and hangings
- window clings

- platters, plates, serving dishes
- baggies
- maple cookies
- fall-themed snacks
- roasting pans
- foil and wrap
- oven mitts and pot holders

- towels
- brooms
- baskets
- frames
- wreaths
- table covers
- turkey centerpiece

- wired ribbon
- note cards
- yarn
- stones and marbles
- gift jars

The possibilities are as endless as your decorating imagination, so fall into those autumn themes! (Get it?)


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