The Benefits of A Dog Walk

This is my view every morning on our walk. It is one of the best times of day because we can start the day off right. We're getting sun, fresh air, exercise and bonding time all in one. You can't say that about a gym membership!

The American College of Sports Medicine recently reported that in a 15-minute dog walk you can burn over 60 calories, plus lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. And all while breathing some fresh air!

Whether you create an exercise program around walking your dog or simply want to enjoy some time together, a trip around the block has many benefits for both of you.

For you:
* It's a chance to meet people in your neighborhood.
* You can improve several health issues including cardio, circulation, blood pressure and joint problems.
* You'll develop a closer bond with your pet.
* Setting aside time every day will help you plan, schedule and build a life routine.
* You can get fabulous exercise without spending money on a gym membership.
* Watching how much your dog is enjoy her walk is a great stress reliever!

For your dog:
* Exercise lessens bored and destructive behavior.
* You have time to work on discipline and obedience.
* Regular exercise will improve her health and quality of life.
* A walk lets her work off excess energy.
* A tired dog is a happy dog!
* She can lose weight or prevent obesity, whichever the case may be.
* She can check her messages on the corner stop sign, absolutely making her day.


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