While watching baseball on television recently, I noticed a man waving a gigantic state flag. It was very difficult not to notice him, as he was sitting directly behind the right batter's box. Every time the camera angle changed to show the hitter, this man would stand up and wildly wave his huge flag. Did I mention it was enormous?

Then my focus shifted. There was a young boy sitting behind the flag waver. He had to shift in his seat over and over again just to see the game around the flag bearer. You could clearly see the frustration in this little boy's face - he wanted to watch baseball. The man in front of him had an ulterior motive.

Disappointment breaks my heart. I ache when I see people with unfulfilled dreams. One of my deepest joys comes from the little I can do to change a discouraging situation into something lighter. This little boy was a perfect example. I wanted desperately to hurry to this baseball field and move that fanatic flag-waving fan. In his efforts to be noticed, he was ruining a wonderful experience for a child.

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. 1 Timothy 6:12

Trials and tribulations will happen in each of our lives, over and over again. We can't be everywhere at once and prevent all disappointment, although that would be really wonderful. What we can do is rest in our faith, knowing that there is more to life than this.

We may struggle for a season, suffering disappointment and discouragement. People will do and say things that are hypocritical, inadvertent or not. There are days when we won't see anything work out the way that we had planned.

But that is here on earth, and only for a little while. God rains showers of blessings on us every day even through the clouds of disappointment. Each drop is just a taste of the peace and joy we will experience when we reach Heaven. Nothing can compare to the contentment and comfort that waits just ahead.

In the last moments of that baseball game, I couldn't help but cry a little. I was drawn to that little boy and his disappointment over that man in his way. And then I cried a little harder - as the game drew to a close and his team was just a few outs away from winning, something wonderful happened.

The man was still enthusiastically waving his flag. He was still in the same seat. But the boy had been lifted up so he could easily see over the man. His disappointment over missing out on the joy of the game had been wiped away. Someone had taken the time to notice him and give him the desires of his heart. He cheered so loudly and smiled so broadly that I just sobbed into my tissue, baseball forgotten for a moment.

Our Heavenly Father does the same thing in our life continually. When we're ready to give up from disappointment and discouragement, God lifts us up so we can see what truly matters. He is aware of our every heart break and is ready, willing and able to give us the desires of our own heart. What more joyful place is there than safe in the Lord's hands, focused on exactly where He'd have us to be? Baseball is optional, God's comfort is eternal.


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