One Of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days?
The cat wakes you at 4:00 in the morning by banging on the closet door. She doesn't want food - she's just trying to get your attention and annoy the dog.

That makes the big dog anxious and forces her to try climbing in bed with you. After several minutes of sending her back to her bed, she finally calms down.

When the alarm goes off, everything with four legs comes flying to your side of the bed. It was sweet a long time ago, but now it's a persistent alarm with no snooze button.

The cat insists on being in the bathroom with you while you get ready. Not too bad until she starts banging on the door to get out - she would have done that to let her in, too.

Everyone gets trips outside and breakfast, then stays as much underfoot as possible while you do your workout. Not so bad if you weren't lifting weights today...

Both dogs want to go outside again.

The little dog wants to come back in.

The big dog refuses.

You make a trip with the little dog to the trash can and mail box. She decides she needs a quick tour of the neighborhood, leaving you to trail after her, calling her name repeatedly. She finally returns, only to take off in the opposite direction.

The big dog still refuses to come back inside.

You try to get some work done around the house with your 55-pound shadow following you, laying right where you're trying to walk, sweep and move. She pouts when you suggest she find somewhere else to watch you from, since she's not helping a whole lot.

Lunchtime comes and you are stared at and drooled on while you fix your meal. Giving treats doesn't help because it smells completely different than yours.

The big dog finally agrees to come back in.

Nap time all around - but doggie snores interrupt you off and on.

As soon as you wake up the dogs want to go back outside.

The cat finally wakes up from her day-long snooze and demands treats and attention - in that order.

The little dog wants to come back inside.

The big dog refuses.

And on and on it goes - but I wouldn't have it any other way. These are my girls.


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