My Pleasure

While checking out at a local shopping establishment recently, I was given the impression that I was interrupting the employee's already bad day. She didn't greet me, threw my items in the bag and then refused to make eye contact while I paid. I left frustrated and disappointed in the business and that girl in particular.

Contrast: We went to a fast-food restaurant last week (my favorite eating-out place) and felt welcomed the moment we walked in. There was no loud greeter spouting off rehearsed lines or frowning while telling us to have a great day. The girl taking our order simply smiled, welcomed us and asked how she could help. When I asked to add something extra, she shocked me!

"It's my pleasure."

Huh??? No one talks like that anymore. Or treats anyone with respect like that anymore. I wanted to jump across the counter and hug her, just for making me feel like a human being!

And she was completely sincere about the whole situation. She spoke to her coworkers with the same tone, she smiled at everyone and treated us like invited guests. This sweet girl not only spoke volumes about herself, but she represented her company with dignity and honor.

Am I doing that in my daily living for Jesus Christ? Not always. Do I act like it's my pleasure to serve my Lord and my church family? Not as often as I should. Should I be more aware of the way I treat people that I come into contact with, letting them clearly see the Jesus Christ that lives inside me? That sounds like a great idea.

In the upcoming days (weeks, months, years) I'd like to be remembered the way I will remember that restaurant cashier. Our everyday effort should be toward finding pleasure in our service to the Lord. We might be surprised - we'll smile, folks around us will smile, and what a blessing to think about God smiling right along with us.

"It's my pleasure."


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