It's A Frame-Up!

If you're looking for a quick, personalized gift idea, or you just want something special for your own home, try this chalkboard frame.

You'll need:
A picture frame of desired size
Chalkboard spray paint

1. Take apart the frame, saving all the pieces. If there is a piece of cardboard in the frame, you'll be using that for your chalkboard spray. If there's not a piece of cardboard, cut a spare piece to size using the frame's parts for a pattern.

2. Using chalkboard spray paint, put two coats on the cut piece of cardboard following the can's directions. Be very careful not to drip or smear between coats.

3. While the paint is drying, embellish the frame as desired. I used two silk flowers adhered together with a metal brad and a verse of Psalms I printed out on the computer and matted with cardstock.

4. Once the cardboard has dried according to the specifications on the can, place it the frame (without the glass) and add the other parts behind it. Follow the paint's direction for priming the surface for writing.


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