Flowers In Glass (Not Under Glass)

If you want a simple, striking centerpiece for your spring events, try this beautiful idea. I found all the parts for these decorations at the dollar store, so it cost about $6 to create, with several flowers left over.

You'll need:
3 glass jars
2bags of colored glass stones
1 spray of brightly colored fake flowers
3 small pieces of florist's foam (optional)

1. Divide the stones evenly between the three jars.

2. Using wire clippers, separate three flowers from the spray. Vary the lengths if you like to make an interesting arrangement.

3. Tuck one flower into the stones of each jar. If they won't stand up straight, stick them into a tiny piece of florist's foam and bury it in the stones.

You can coordinate the colors of the flowers and stones by season, event or theme. Set them up on the dining room table, on the tables at a shower or along the mantle of the fireplace.


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