So, How Do You Know You Have Beaver On The Property?

There is no doubt that we have beaver on the Carrell Wildlife Preserve. How do I know? Exhibit A: We have two large bodies of water.

Exhibit B: There are wet slides between the two ponds and where the large pond flows down into the creek.

Exhibit C: There are many trees around the ponds that have been chewed down in that characteristic peak.

Exhibit D: Those trees have been piled up on the grate over the pipe from the big pond to the creek.

Exhibit E: More trees have been piled in beaver-esque fashion.


Exhibit F: Next to that tree pile are two openings to a beaver den.

Exhibit G: There are several more den openings around the far side of the big pond.

Exhibit H: The bottoms of many more trees have been gnawed on, showing that dark brown tree underneath the bark.

And Exhibit I: This blurry, Bigfoot-like photo of an actual beaver on the left side of the tree. This big guy was chewing on Exhibit H's tree with the harmony of four unhappy dogs, though he was completely undeterred. And that is why there's no doubt that there is a beaver family on the property. I rest my case.


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