DIY Fourth Of July Flower Arrangement

Sometimes you don't have to start a project from scratch, but instead use the bits and pieces you have on hand to completely update an existing piece. That's how I created these beautiful, patriotic floral arrangements. I spent an entire afternoon raiding the church attic, and I found totes full of fun supplies that I could repurpose into two matching arrangements.

I started with two green plants that have been there absolutely forever and added a cascading floral pick to the middle. They were a little smooshed, so it took some work to straighten all the wires out, but I love how they match the cascade of the plant itself.

There were so many red, white and blue carnations that I lost count after a while. I chose the ones with the longest stems and started alternating colors right around my fireworks.

The tighter the better, and again, some of them needed a little floofing to look like flowers and not pancakes. Note to self: do not put anything else in the storage bin with the fake flowers. They're going to get their own safe space.

I'm guessing that these wispy picks are vintage, as many of them were beginning to fall apart, but I love the way they curl. I added three of them - one on each side and one in the back.

And I always wind a string of lights through these arrangements so they can be seen from the back of the sanctuary. The pretty bow is on wire, so I tucked that wire under the arrangement to hold it up and finish the patriotic look. A few minutes and a few supplies turned into beautiful piece that I'm very pleased with. What can you make from the craft supplies you already have on hand?


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